Project Horizon – #1

The beginning of the story was set in Tokyo, in an ordinary afternoon.

Riko Hasegawa was holding a kitchen knife, carefully standing on a chair, gradually approaching the sleeping cockroach while holding her breath. It was sleeping on the top of the cupboard for a while, and in many ways, it’s kind of disgusting.

The girl concentrated her mind, was preparing to slap the thing’s body while it suddenly moved and ran away, leaving Riko in a sudden panic.

It wasn’t an extraordinary thing for girls in Asia to be scared of bugs. If she hadn’t thought that thing won’t move, and she had that sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder which doesn’t feel comfortable when a cockroach is sleeping on the top of a cupboard, she would not be doing such thing.

That sudden shock and panic break her balance standing on the chair. She slipped herself, fell down from the middle of the air. Her head hitting the floor, nothing but blackness fulfilled her vision.

She died.

Um, technically she died. But actually, the existence named Riko Hasegawa was sent to a different universe, in a planet far far away.

“Aw…what….what has happened?”

The pain in her head did not vanish while she re-opened her eyes.

Instantly she had realized, she was in a huge crisis.

Its teeth seemed to poke on the tusks of her cheeks, deafening roars and drooling in front of her.

It is a pig that appeared in her eye.

A wild boar.

Before she had time to think about why a wild boar would appear in front of her, she subconsciously retreated back and instantly grasped the kitchen knife that fell beside her.

The fierce wild boar occupies more than half of her vision.

The girl held her hands on the surface of the wet mud and trembled and retreated.

The wild boar came a little bit forward, salivas dripping between its teeth.

After two rounds of time, Hasegawa’s fearful discovery revealed that she had no place to fall back anymore. Behind her is a giant tree that can be embraced by several people.

Can’t run.

Can’t win.

The wild boar made two roars and charged at her.

What to do?

Riko shivered with fear, but in the end, the desire to survive gave her the courage and shut all unnecessary thoughts ongoing in her head. The girl grabbed the kitchen knife and closed her eyes, exhausting her energy to slash it to the boar’s head.

She felt warm liquid dripping down from her wrist.

Riko waited for three seconds with her eyes closed, repeatedly confirming that there was no part of her body feeling any kind of pain, and slowly opened her eyes.

In front of her is a wild boar.

A dead wild boar, in fact, with the kitchen knife on its head.

The girl finally breathed a sigh of relief and began to look around.

It seemed that she was inside a forest, green and dense plantations everywhere, and a small stream flows just a couple feet away.

There was no footprint on the soil underneath appearing, neither did any trace of human activity.

Obviously, this cannot be her home.

Riko sighed a little and calmed herself.

She was wearing her school uniform which is some kind of Japanese and sailor suit. Her skirt was stained with mud. Riko gazed at the kitchen knife penetrating boar’s head, wondering how this thing had done it.

Suddenly the knife was covered with colorful lights, words began appearing in Riko’s vision.

– “Welcome to use home travel to kill more goods must be in heaven and earth cannot be the ultimate invincible online games upgrade system green free installation portable version!”

Riko rubbed her eyes.

“…What the heck?” she whispered.

She tilted her head, and the line followed her sight to an incline.

– “Welcome to use home travel to kill more goods must be in heaven and earth cannot be the ultimate invincible online games upgrade system green free installation portable version!”

After a long while, the girl looked at the line and gulped.

“Hello?” she asked quietly.

“Host voice recognition completed, binding…”

Somehow it looked high-tech. Riko thought.

“Detected host killed the boar x1, exp point transmitting begin.”

“…What?” her voice was filled with surprises.

Then, along with the kind of golden light and a strange sound, the system popped up a tip in front of Riko.

“Congratulations! You have leveled up, current level: 1.”

“Level…level up?”

What is this? Some kind of trash roleplay game where you create a character and level it up by fighting magical monsters?

“Congratulations! You have leveled up, current level: 2.”

Riko feels a bit surprised, after all, in the RPG games she played before, the exp point provided by the initial monster should only be enough for the player to reach level one.

“Congratulations! You have leveled up, current level: 3.”

…Or is that boar an elite monster? Then how come it was so easy to kill?

The reason why online games can make people spend a lot of time to play is that the experience required for each level is gradually increasing. As the character becomes stronger, it is also necessary to defeat stronger monsters to continue leveling up.

“Congratulations! You have leveled up, current level: 4.”

Riko stared at the system with skeptical eyes, and then the next second, this thing was still throwing out pop-ups perseveringly.

“Congratulations! You have leveled up, current level: 5.”

This was unbelievably strange.

The only explanation is that the wild boar is actually a wild boar boss. It was so severely injured that it became weak enough to killed by a little girl with nothing but a kitchen knife. Which, Riko Hasegawa did not believe this is actually the case.

“Congratulations! You have leveled up, current level: 6.”

Riko turned her head to the wild boar. There was no wound in the body except where the head was cut by the girl herself with a kitchen knife.

“Congratulations! You have leveled up, current level: 7.”

“Congratulations! You have leveled up, current level: 8.”

“Congratulations! You have leveled up, current level: 9.”

“Congratulations! You have leveled up, current level: 273.”

Riko Hasegawa lay on the grass and looked into the sky covered by leaves. She watched the pop-ups that rise on oneself again and again and gave up thinking.


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