Project Wonderwater

This is an original science-fiction novel currently in planning. It will be completely written in English.



It was two hundred years into the future. Powered by the only stable superheavy element Uenon, which contains tremendous potential as an energy source, mankind had finally reached the stars.
But, along with the invasion of anthropods, the period of mass expansion and interstellar colonization had come to an end. The government of the earth, the SolConfed, was forced into a war with alien species mankind had never seen.
Little is known for the anthropods, except they can grow in number dramatically and their only goal is to completely eliminate the existence of mankind. Under the threat of human extermination, the SolConfed launched the search for a special group of people. The Uenon adapters, found in young girls aged six to eighteen.
The mutation in the human gene had caused rare individuals – usually one in a million – to develop immunity to uenon radiation. Thus, micro uenon-powered modification module can be inserted into their body, turning them into uenon operators – super warriors whos capable of nearly everything.

Twelve years old Menhera Conahay was just an inconspicuous girl, shy, small and timid. She was not confident, often bullied in school and felt inferiority all the time.
Until one day, Menhera was discovered immune to uenon radiation.

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